The deadly COVID-19 produced a global crisis and has created a grave impact on all industries across the world. The virus has also come to haunt the livelihood of the people from the Indian art and craft sector.

Our craftsmen are the most vulnerable of all. Their livelihood has mainly relied upon seasonal retail sales and direct orders, the absence of sales has affected their income and left them starving.

“The Corona epidemic has broken our back,” says a normally cheerful Deepa, part of a group of abai-grass basket-makers in an Odisha village.

Laxmi Bai, a craftswoman from the women’s cooperative that Partake India works with from Rajasthan, weeps “All the women here are feeling completely helpless and in need. We do not have work,” she says. Other artisans tell us, “we wonder what will destroy us first – the virus or hunger”

During this fearful time, the daily production and sales have come to a halt — there are no meals, no sales, no raw material and no money to feed their families. We have worked with them for over 2 years, now we share their pain.

“All our orders have been cancelled,” Javed, a Kasmiri potter, explains. “Even if we try our best, we will not be able to clear this stock for two years minimum. This shall cause not only debt but a decrease in production as well. Craftspeople will be out of jobs for a long time,” he adds.


  • You can help craftspeople rediscover that golden morning. A minimum contribution of Rs. 100/- or an amount of your choice to the Partake India Artists Fund can help them overcome the crisis and live life with dignity.
  • We have worked with Artisans across India, from Kerala to Kashmir with direct access to over 5000 Artisans. Also, these artisans employ the services of over 15,000 helping hands who are entirely dependent on them for daily bread. Partake India will identify the artisan families who are in dire need of financial support and address their immediate needs from food grains to medical supplies. Your contribution can also help them pay their dues on time. Since these artisans are registered vendors with Partake India, we have stored their details such as Aadhar information and Banking credentials. The raised funds will be transferred directly to their Bank account.
  • We will also update the beneficiary’s testimonials regularly on social media and other platforms.

We value your contribution

To show our heartfelt thanks we would like to part with you valuable art pieces made by our artisans. A memento for helping us preserve the ancient crafts of the land.

You will receive 2 candle cups for contributions more than Rs. 500. Crafted by master artisans of Jaipur, this splendid piece of art is made of glass and covered elegantly with Mosaic. The candle cups shine like diamonds when they hold tea light candles in them.

For contributions more than Rs. 750, you will receive lampshades made of genuine leather. These alluring lampshades come from Andhra Pradesh which handcrafted and painted by master craftsmen with decades of experience. This form of craft is inextricably linked to the state’s traditional folk and cultural expression.